Crime Report for April 5, 2015

We have a few items that we’d like to report for Half Moon Bay.

Crimes Reported since March 12, 2015

  • 1 Assault in Half Moon Bay (Suspicious circumstances)
  • 1 Theft of Vehicle
  • 2 Break and Enter
  • 1 Theft

Also 1 Theft from Vehicle and 2 Assault calls (suspicious circumstances) in Stonebridge community.



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Crime Report for March 12, 2015

Theft from Vehicle is on the rise now that the warmer weather is moving in. Teenagers are the most likely to do this crime so look out for kids that are trying car doors. Report the incident to the police immediately and to this site so that others in the neighbourhood can be made aware.

Over the last two weeks-

  • 5 Theft from Vehicle with 3 in Stonebridge and 2 in Half Moon Bay.
  • 1 Break and Enter in Half Moon Bay

In the rest of Barrhaven we have-

  • 2 Assault
  • 2 Break and Enter
  • 2 Theft from Vehicle
  • 6 Theft
  • 1 Stolen Vehicle
  • 1 Robbery
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Winter Parking Restrictions Are In Effect Tonight!

Tuesday March 3, 2015 – No Overnight Parking.

Winter overnight parking regulations are in effect throughout the city from November 15 to April 1. There is no parking on city streets between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. when 7 cm or more is forecast by Environment Canada in the Ottawa area. This includes any forecast for a range of snow of more than 7 cm (for example, 5 to 10 cm). Vehicles that remain parked on the street during an overnight parking restriction will be ticketed and could be fined.

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Crime Report for February 26, 2015

There were four (4) crimes reported in Half Moon Bay during the last 10 days.

  • There were 3 reported Theft from Vehicle in HMB with 2 more in the rest of Barrhaven.
  • 1 Theft reported in HMB and 3 more Thefts reported in the rest of Barrhaven.
  • There were 2 Assaults reported.
  • 3 Break & Enter reported.
  • 1 reported Theft of a Vehicle.

All_Valuables_RemovedThe crimes in Half Moon Bay were reported between February 17th and 19th.  Two of the theft from vehicles were reported within hours of each other the morning of the 17th in the same area. Please keep your car doors locked and remove all valuables from the vehicles. Don’t tempt someone with easy access to your property.

All Valuables Removed cards are available to pick up at my home. Use the contact page please and I’ll get in touch with you to pick them up.


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Protect Your Property – Protect Yourself

Layout 1 - cp2015book.pdf 2015-02-24 17-32-41

Download file and save to your desktop


“The OACP’s 2015 Crime Prevention Campaign is about continuing our collective efforts to stop crime before it happens. Safer communities are built when citizens are informed and involved in their personal safety, and that of their neighbours, friends, and co-workers. This year’s campaign focuses on the theme of “Crime Prevention…Protect Your Property. Protect Yourself”.

Whether a crime occurs on the street, in the home, in school, on-line or at work, we are all affected and impacted. We want residents of Ontario to think about how they can help protect themselves, their families, neighbours, and workplaces from crime.”

Chief Jennifer Evans


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