Crime Report for July 4th to July 23rd 2014

Well, after taking some time to myself for the last three weeks and not sending in a crime report, I find that I’m overwhelmed with the number of crimes that have occurred in Barrhaven since July 4th.  There are over 2 dozen thefts, 8 Assaults, at least half a dozen weapons offences and the list goes on and on with 2 stolen cars and 6 Break and Enters reported.

I think you get the idea and frankly I’m not sure how interested you all are in the crime reports in this format.  So I’m cutting back and only sending out relevant crimes in the neighbourhoods of HMB and Stonebridge areas.

  • Breaking & Entering DUNDONALD DR & RIVER MIST RD on July 13, 2014
  • Theft 3600 Block JOCKVALE RD on July 17, 2014

Having said that, here is a review published by the OPS.  This report examines all founded Criminal Code of Canada offences that were reported to the Ottawa Police over the last 3-years.  You can find the report in full at  Also you can read just the Barrhaven Report by clicking 3-Barrhaven_2012-2013_Crime_Trends_for_City_of_Ottawa.  It makes for some interesting reading.



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Crime Report for July 4, 2014

It has been two weeks since our last report and we have a little more to report on.

Reported Crimes in Barrhaven over the last 14 days:

  • 18 Thefts 4 of which occurred in the HMB Community
  • 4 Assaults
  • 6 B&E’s with 3 occurring in the HMB & Stonebridge communities
  • 2 Robberies one of which was a swarming.
  • 3 Theft from Vehicles
  • 1 Sexual Offence- Assault
  • 1 Weapons Offence

A total of 35 reported crimes in 14 days.  How many do you think go unreported?  Please report all incidents to police and to this website.  Reporting information can be found by clicking HERE.


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Robbery Suspect to Identify

The Ottawa Police Service Robbery Unit is investigating a retail robbery and is seeking the public’s assistance to identify the male suspect responsible.

On June 2, 2014, at approximately 8:00 pm, a lone male suspect entered a confectionary store situated along the 0-100 block of Third Avenue. The suspect entered the store with a shirt over his head and produced a handgun, making a demand for money.

The suspect attempted to place the store owner in a choke hold as he pressed the handgun into his back. When the owner and suspect approached the register, the store owner grabbed a broom handle and fought off the suspect. During this time, the shirt came off the suspect’s head and a brief facial image was captured. The handgun was not believed to be authentic by the store owner.

The suspect fled the store to a waiting vehicle, a black Pontiac G5, determined to have been stolen. The vehicle was stolen from a parking garage at a Cedarwood Avenue apartment building sometime between the afternoon of June 1 and the afternoon of June 2, 2014.

The robbery suspect is described as a black male, 20-25 years of age, slim build, with an “afro” hairstyle. At the time, he was wearing a red t-shirt, black shorts, and white basketball shoes. (photo:…).

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Bike Safety and Rules of the Road Refresher

The Ottawa Police Service would like to remind all cyclists in Ottawa – new and experienced riders – to respect the rules of the road.

“Ottawa is an incredible city to commute by way of bicycle to work or for pleasure; and we urge cyclists to use safety and follow the rules and regulations,” said Staff Sergeant Atallah Sadaka, Central District Community. “Bicycles are considered vehicles and cyclists have the same rights and duties as motorists.”

Ontario Highway Traffic Act and the Ottawa Traffic and Parking Bylaw require the following:

  • Stop at all stop signs and red lights.
  • Signal all lane changes, turns and stops.
  • Drive/ride on the right side of the road.
  • Drive/ride only in the designated direction on one-way streets.
  • It is unsafe and illegal to ride on the sidewalk.
  • Share the road with other users.
  • Use lights when driving/riding at night.
  • Have a bell or horn on your bike.
  • Cyclists wear a helmet (required if under 18 years old), drivers wear a seatbelt.
  • Cyclists use proper hand signalling when turning and stopping.

Visit our website for more bicycle safety tips at:

“Be safe on the road, and enjoy our fascinating city.”

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Crime Report for June 20, 2014

Robbery is a crime I personally find worse than theft, Break & Enter or any other non violent crime.  Robbery is a theft but with a violent component.  Threats of harm, brandishing a weapon, actual assault or beating the person before or after stealing from them.  This week there were 2 Robberies in less than 2 hours on the same street here in Barrhaven.  I find this somewhat shocking and a little frightening.  Please report all crimes or suspicious incidents to the police and to this website so that we can keep our community informed and safe.

  • 2 Robberies reported on MOUNTSHANNON DR
  • 1 Break & Enter on CLARIDGE DR
  • 7 Thefts in Barrhaven
  • 1 Theft of Vehicle on AMHERST CRES
  • 1 Sex Assault at MARKETPLACE AVE
  • 2 Theft from Vehicles reported


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